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Augmentation of Power Supply Systems for Air Defense

Extending peak-power capabilities of today’s power supplies to meet power requirements of tomorrow’s air defense systems.

Jenoptik super-capacitor (SuperCaps) module for power augmentation and hybrid power supply

Power generation for air defense typically consists of generator sets that continuously power the main components of the air defense system. Today’s power supplies are typically designed to meet power requirements of air defense systems based on ballistic missiles or projectiles. Power supplies need to cover consumer loads in stand-by and mission modes, so most power supplies are oversized with respect to operation in stand-by mode. Furthermore, most power units lack the ability to cover the extraordinarily high peak power demands of emerging directed-energy weapon systems – for example, high-energy lasers – and rail guns.

Augmentation packs to address the peak-power requirements of emerging air defense systems

Jenoptik is developing a family of scalable, super-capacitor-based hybrid-power-generation solutions along with intelligent, stand-alone power storage modules (augmentation packs) that are designed to span the range from 5 kW to 400 kW of on-demand power.

These augmentation packs can be integrated into existing generating sets or be used to take advantage of other available sources of electric energy. They address current and emerging requirements of the air defense community, including the ability to be integrated into complex weapons platforms, where operating parameters, controls, and automation must be considered.

Power augmentation packs scaled to fit your requirements

Scalable power augmentation packs based on supr-capacitor (SuperCaps) technology will range from man-portable to platform-based solutions deployed in vessels, land vehicles, or aircraft.

Integrating SuperCaps-based power augmentation packs keeps the power-generating system small, with low thermal and acoustic signatures and low fuel consumption. Temporary and instantaneous peak-power demand of directed-energy weapons are fully covered by high-power augmentation packs fed by low-power generators.

Jenoptik's SuperCaps technology has been proven successful in military applications with the new hybrid power supply system for the Patriot air defense system – showcasing Jenoptik’s forward-looking position among leading companies in advanced power generation and delivery for air defense applications.

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  • Highest power density with minimal space requirements
  • Adding peak-power on demand to low-power energy systems
  • Scalable solutions to fit the requirements of various consumer loads
  • Refurbishment and modernization of existing power supply systems
  • Enabling compact power supplies with low fuel consumption and low acoustic and thermal signatures


  • Air defense systems
  • Directed-energy weapon platforms
  • High-energy laser systems
  • Generally, existing and emerging systems with low standby power and high peak-power requirements

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