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ALPR: Highly advanced technology for automatic license plate recognition

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) is particularly powerful, classifying vehicle type and recording license plates worldwide.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) are used by law enforcement agencies worldwide for various purposes such as border and toll controls, and to increase civil security. Jenoptik's highly advanced technology has been proving itself in international projects for more than 30 years. Our experts are constantly presented with new requirements and are developing individualised products to precisely meet customer needs.

Jenoptik´s deep learning software makes ALPR particularly powerful by being able to extract even more information from recorded images. The software reliably differentiates between vehicle classes such as passenger cars, vans, lorries, buses and motorcycles. It can also recognize practically any of the world’s license plate types. The software integrates into the ALPR cameras so no additional equipment or installation is required, and achieves far better results than conventional visual technologies.

Jenoptik´s VECTOR² ALPR cameras feed deep learning software with clear and high-resolution images even under difficult weather conditions, as well as at night and for high speed traffic. Integrated light sensors enable the cameras to adapt optimally to changing exposure conditions and reliably monitor several lanes simultaneously. The ALPR cameras are robust, compact, durable and reliable, and can be installed on traffic lights, street lighting and existing masts, are suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.

Benefits of ALPR

  • Versatile: ALPR cameras can be fixed on traffic lights, street lighting or any other existing masts and can be used in mobile appplications.
  • Advanced: Jenoptik´s deep learning software uses the latest findings from artificial intelligence.
  • User friendly: An intuitive user interface makes the cameras easy to operate.
  • Effective: ALPR and data analysis take place in real time.
  • Saves on resources: ALPR technology saves on personnel costs.

Applications of ALPR

  • Access and road section control: Recording license plates of vehicles in specific areas and along sections of a route.
  • Civil security: Law enforcement agencies are detecting organized crime more quickly.
  • Toll control: ALPR technology aids motorway control.
  • Borders and parking systems: ALPR cameras detect vehicles entering and exiting.

Increase public safety by using intelligent solutions from Jenoptik


Products for ALPR


Automatic license plate recognition: Using highly advanced VECTOR² ALPR cameras

VECTOR² combines decades of ALPR experience and knowledge into a single, highly capable and compact integrated traffic camera.

Jenoptik’s VECTOR² ALPR cameras automatically capture vehicle license plates across several lanes simultaneously, even for high-speed traffic. They are particularly robust and can be installed on traffic lights, street lighting columns and existing masts. Each camera is equipped with a GPS unit, compass, accelerometer and three light sensors and are capable of adapting optimally to different conditions, delivering clear, unambiguous images at day or night. The ALPR cameras can read and record license plates anywhere in the world, including plates that use Latin, Arabic or Cyrillic scripts.

VECTOR² ALPR cameras meet the highest standards and have impressed customers worldwide with their consistent, high-quality results.

Benefit of VECTOR²

  • Reliable: VECTOR² ALPR cameras deliver consistently high-resolution images even in difficult light and weather conditions.
  • Flexible: Suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.
  • Compact: Advanced technology in a practical housing.
  • Easy to use: VECTOR² ALPR cameras are easy to install and configure using a self-explanatory user interface.

Applications of VECTOR²

  • Speed monitoring: VECTOR² ALPR cameras can detect speeding violations simultaneously across several lanes.
  • Access and road section control: Capturing license plates of vehicles in specific areas and along sections of a route.
  • Civil security: Law enforcement agencies are able to detect organized crime more quickly with our ALPR solutions.
  • Toll control: VECTOR² ALPR cameras aid motorway control.
  • Borders and parking systems: VECTOR² ALPR cameras detect vehicles entering and exiting.

Deep learning software

Deep learning software: Artificial intelligence for ALPR cameras

VECTOR² ALPR cameras work with deep learning software to capture license plates at higher rates and to read complete plates.

Deep learning plays an important role in artificial intelligence with artificial neural networks simulating the human brain by re-processing data. Algorithms constantly adapt themselves to ensure that the machine learns from the experiences it has already had.

VECTOR² ALPR cameras from Jenoptik use deep learning software for automatic license plate recognition thereby increasing capture rates. VECTOR² ALPR cameras access an existing portfolio of images taken under a variety of conditions like bad weather, darkness and high speeds enabling particularly accurate and reliable license plate recording. The deep learning software also ensures that the cameras recognize syntax details and country codes and also classifies vehicles into cars, vans, lorries, buses and motorcycles.

Benefits of deep learning software

  • Cost-effective: Additional equipment or an additional installation is unnecessary.
  • Effective: Faster data processing at no extra cost.
  • Powerful: Especially high capture rates.
  • Precise: Vehicles are classified into cars, vans, lorries, buses and motorcycles.

Applications of deep learning software

  • VECTOR² ALPR cameras: Deep learning software uses artificial intelligence to facilitate VECTOR² ALPR cameras in automatically capturing license plates.

Rapid deployment trailer: Intelligent roadside and civil security solutions

Respond to road safety emergencies or public safety threats at moment’s notice.

ALPR Deployment trailer for border security

Rapid deployment trailer combined with speed and ALPR technology assists agencies to rapidly deploy an ALPR trailer to identify vehicles of interest, which can help make roads and communities safer.

Jenoptik rapid deployment trailer has been developed to use our ALPR technology that can be used for a whole host of traffic, civil and anti-crime applications. Utilizing an extendable mast provides superior coverage and read rates for any scenario. Deep learning ALPR engine enables intelligent pattern-recognition capabilities used to monitor traffic and detect potential criminal activity.

Features of the rapid deployment trailer

  • Extendable mast up to 25 feet
  • 2 X 330 watt built in solar panels
  • Up to 3 lane monitoring with single camera
  • Hotlist alerts in seconds to your phone
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • 24/7 unattended operation
  • Radar speed displays instant alerts
  • Speed limit sign with interchangeable digits

Applications of the rapid deployment trailer

  • Law Enforcement
  • Civil Security
  • Traffic Safety

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