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Lift Systems for Commercial Aircraft: Safe, Stable and Extremely Reliable

Lift systems transport trolleys and other supplies between the flight decks of large airplanes.

Lift Systems for Commercial Aircraft

In wide-body aircraft with multiple decks, the logistical challenges are significant and the limited space must be used efficiently. This also applies to the lifts, which transport the food trolleys from the galley on the lower deck to the passengers on the upper decks.

Jenoptik lift systems optimally adapt to the specific conditions of airplanes. Our experienced engineers design and manufacture lift systems that are extremely lightweight, stable, reliable, and quiet. The lift system easily compensates for any aircraft movement, which means it can be used by the flight crew safely at any time.

Many years of experience in the field of mechatronics and electric drive systems give us the skills we need to develop and integrate technically excellent solutions for specific applications and requirements. When it comes to complex challenges, we always think one step ahead: we identify a problem before it occurs. We take into account all the individual needs of our customers: from making the paneling of the lift cage the same colors as your airline branding, to the bracket for the on-board telephone on the exterior wall. We will supply a lift system that is approved and certified for your aircraft type. From implementing the first idea through to our extensive after-sales services and customer support, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for our customers. Requiring little maintenance only, our lift systems provide a product life-time of many decades.

Our reliable trolley lift systems have been successfully deployed for years on the Airbus A380.


  • Lightweight and stable: Lightweight composite construction of the lift side elements combines with a reliable metal framework.
  • Safe and ready to use at any time: Compensates for flight deck movements.
  • Quiet: Thanks to low-noise toothed belt drive
  • Very durable: Particularly robust and reliable construction.
  • Minimal maintenance: Wearing parts designed for heavy duty and long product life-time.

Fields of Application

  • Aviation industry: Lift systems to fit the cabins of the major aircraft manufacturers.

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