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CMEF 2017: Preventive healthcare and gentle treatments with medical technology solutions from Jenoptik

Jenoptik will be unveiling its latest solutions to enable advanced biomedical and diagnostic devices for early detection and effective treatment of diseases at this year’s China International Medical Equipment Fair. Meet Jenoptik at CMEF in Shanghai, China, from May 15 to 18, 2017 at booth M58 in hall 5.1.

Jenoptik Shanghai

With its sustainable and customizable solutions for diagnosis and therapy as well as for aesthetic treatments, the OEM design and manufacturing systems solution provider Jenoptik is primarily targeting the healthcare and medical technology markets. Together with its subsidiary in China, Jenoptik will be using the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) to showcase its latest technologies for these fast-growing markets, including for example Jenoptik’s diverse portfolio for analysis and treatment in ophthalmology, small and powerful beam sources, and optical solutions for aesthetic applications, as well as precise polymer optics and optoelectronic systems for medical screenings.

Dennis He, Jenoptik Senior Sales Manager in China explains: “Advances in technology constantly improve biomedical and diagnostic devices as well as professional equipment for aesthetic applications. As a result, devices are becoming smaller, faster, and smarter, and thus allow even more reliable early detection of diseases and effective treatments. Based on our long-standing expertise, our broad technology portfolio and the ability to also develop individual health solutions, we are able to meet these needs of our customers in China and the market requirements.”

Diagnostic and treatment solutions in ophthalmology

Jenoptik offers a variety of solutions in the field of ophthalmology that help to detect eye diseases earlier and make laser-supported treatments less stressful for patients. Both medical specialists and patients benefit from deeper and more detailed imaging during eye examinations, as well as gentle corrective treatments. Jenoptik’s solutions include for example laser beam sources with a reliable beam quality such as Jenoptik’s green thin disk laser JenLas®D2.minifor effective laser treatments of the human retina (retinal photocoagulation). In addition, Jenoptik’s swept source laser technologies for OCT applications (Optical Coherence Tomography) support fast and high-resolution imaging of the ocular fundus and make it possible to identify eye diseases at an early stage.

Beam sources for gentle aesthetic applications

In the fields of aesthetics and dermatology in particular, gentle, permanent and effective hair removal and skin treatments are becoming more and more important. At CMEF, Jenoptik will be showcasing its high-performance laser bars for medical and cosmetic treatment devices used by consumers and professionals for epilation and to treat wrinkles, acne, and pain, as well as to remove pigmentation. This laser-based treatment produces long-lasting and natural-looking results and has been further improved with these beam sources. Devices equipped with the new laser bars are more powerful and their key advantages are their high efficiency and long service life.

Polymer-based and optoelectronic components for diagnostic and aesthetic applications

Efficient optical analytical methods particularly help to achieve rapid diagnosis for example in point-of-care diagnostics (POC) at the patient’s home or in emergency situations. With its precise polymer-based components, e.g. polymer optics for blood glucose measurements, Jenoptik provides tools that can be used in easy-to-handle and cost-effective point-of-care testing devices, which help to provide straightforward analyses and fast monitoring of biological parameters, as well as less stressful diagnostics. In research and clinical applications, high-precision diagnostic methods, e.g. for genetic diseases or predispositions, are also becoming more and more important. For these, Jenoptik not only offers efficient polymer optics, but also optoelectronic systems, for example for laboratory diagnostics, microscopy, and endoscopy. These optoelectronic components developed and manufactured by Jenoptik along the entire value creation chain intelligently combine optics, electronics, and software, and are also used in aesthetics to identify skin properties.

Visit Jenoptik at CMEF in Shanghai, China, from May 15 to 18, 2017, at booth M58 in hall 5.1.

High-resolution pictures are available to download from the Jenoptik image database, HCI Press gallery.

About Jenoptik | Healthcare & Industry

As an integrated photonics company, Jenoptik is active in the three segments Optics & Life Science, Mobility and Defense & Civil Systems.

In the Healthcare & Industry unit of the Optics & Life Science segment Jenoptik develops specific system and application solutions for customers worldwide in the healthcare sector and industry. The focus is on medical technology and life science as well as laser, automotive, and lighting applications. The product portfolio includes semiconductor chips, optoelectronics, laser technology, polymer optics, electronics, and software. Jenoptik combines these to create OEM system solutions and products for the life science industry, such as analysis and treatment systems for research, clinical applications, and patient self-diagnosis. For industrial applications, Jenoptik offers high-performance optoelectronic components and modules as well as integrated solutions. They include complex components for head-up displays, innovative lenses for driver assistance systems and polymer optics for machine vision or augmented reality applications. In the area of industrial lasers for laser material processing, Jenoptik is active in the entire laser value creation chain.