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With its new Agenda 2025, “MORE VALUE”, Jenoptik focuses on sustainable profitable growth in core photonics markets

Focusing on the three high-growth markets – semiconductors/electronics, life science/medical technology, and smart mobility – is the core of the company’s new Agenda 2025 “More Value”. read more

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Successful closing of the acquisition of BG Medical and SwissOptic

With this acquisition, Jenoptik continues to focus on its core competency in photonics while speeding up profitable and sustainable growth. read more

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JENOPTIK AG signs agreement to sell VINCORION

It will be acquired by a fund managed by STAR Capital Partnership LLP (“STAR”). read more


Jenoptik wins ABC Design Award and German Design Award 2022 with TraffiPole

TraffiPole is a new housing system that enables more sustainability, better air conditioning and emission reduction. read more

Preview Interim Report Q3

Jenoptik with continued growth; strong revenue and EBITDA guidance 2021 confirmed

Very good operating performance, robust free cash flow and very good financial and balance sheet position set to secure future growth of the photonics group. read more

For human rights and environmental protection: Jenoptik joins UN Global Compact

Clear commitment to sustainability by joining the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate management. read more


RoodMicrotec uses Jenoptik’s UFO Probe® Card technology for its PIC wafer level testing

The UFO Probe® Card from Jenoptik enables the parallel testing of electrical and optical components with only one probe card. Thus, wafer level tests can be performed in a more timesaving manner and the throughput is significantly increased. read more

Jenoptik strengthens global photonics business with the acquisition of Berliner Glas Medical and SwissOptic

Expansion of global presence in attractive markets, predominantly the semiconductor equipment and medical technology industries. read more

Jenoptik will more than double on-site production capacity for its micro-optics business in Dresden

The Group plans to invest around 70 million euros in a highly functional cleanroom facility. Construction will begin in 2022 – production to start in early 2025. read more

Preview Interim Report Q2

Record figures achieved in 2nd quarter; strong performance expected to continue in 2nd half of 2021

Thanks to a sustained recovery in demand in the three photonics divisions Jenoptik posted a strong increase in order intake in the first six months 2021. read more

Robotic automation in automotive manufacturing

Jenoptik announces the appointment of Ivan Cardenas as Sales Manager for Automation Solutions in Mexico

Ivan Cardenas' experience will further enhance Jenoptik’s efforts in the region by expanding their customer base and magnifying market growth efforts in automation and laser processing solutions. read more

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Jenoptik achieves record figures in the 2nd quarter 2021 and raises guidance for fiscal year 2021

Jenoptik achieved record figures in order intake, revenue and EBITDA in the 2nd quarter 2021. Order intake almost doubled compared with the prior-year period, revenue grew by almost 30 percent and EBITDA by approx. 120 percent. read more

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Jenoptik sells non-optical process metrology business for grinding machines to Marposs

Jenoptik is focusing in the metrology business. Marposs takes over all Jenoptik employees at the main site in Peseux, Switzerland, as well as in Ratingen and Ludwigsburg, Germany, 40 people in total. read more

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New owner for crystal growth business in Eisenach

Jenoptik sells crystal growth business to Hellma Materials, and continues to focus its business on photonic applications. Hellma Materials takes over all 25 employees, and continues all business activities. read more

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Jenoptik staff restaurant on Jena campus

The modern facility for catering, meetings and breaks will be open to Jenoptik employees as of mid-2022. read more

Optics Manufacturing

Rising demand from the semiconductor industry: Jenoptik plans to expand its optics manufacturing capacities

The photonics group acquires a property in Dresden and will invest in new cleanroom fab. read more

specs camera system in uk

Jenoptik’s 200th average speed system goes live

The average speed system monitors a specific section of road and measures speeding. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to traffic safety and air quality. read more

Preview Interim Report Q1

Jenoptik with good start to 2021 – significant pick-up in order intake – full-year targets confirmed

Group revenue up by approximately 7 percent in Q1 2021, to 176.0 million euros. EBITDA grew significantly by approximately 47 percent to 20.0 million euros. Growing demand in the photonics divisions. read more

Robotic automation in automotive manufacturing

Jenoptik secures new automation orders in North America

Photonics company Jenoptik has secured new automation orders in the US and Canada in the first quarter of 2021 totaling more than 40 million USD that will help increase efficiencies in automotive manufacturing. read more

Traffipax production in Jupiter, Florida

Jenoptik secures traffic safety equipment orders totaling over 24 million USD in North America

The orders for Jenoptik consist of existing road safety equipment and the latest version of the VECTOR camera platform for automatic number/license plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR). read more

Person holding a cell phone in the left hand while typing on laptop

Jenoptik subsidiary TRIOPTICS expands optical measurement product portfolio

TRIOPTICS is expanding its portfolio to include customized solutions for measurement requirements arising from the latest technology trends for cell phone camera optics. read more

Jenoptik's VECTOR SR red light enforcement camera in Cardiff, Wales

Jenoptik’s red light enforcement camera approved in United Kingdom

Jenoptik has received Home Office Type Approval for a new red light enforcement camera which operates as a stand-alone device to spot violations at signal-controlled junctions. read more

SFC energy supply for Jenoptik's speed enforcement systems

Jenoptik and SFC Energy sign cooperation agreement to increase traffic safety with environmentally friendly technologies

SFC fuel cell technology supplies Jenoptik’s systems for speed monitoring with environmentally friendly and dependable energy. read more

Jenoptik CFO Hans-Dieter Schumacher and CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger (from left)

Jenoptik expects significant and profitable growth in 2021

Jenoptik ended the 2020 reporting year with a strong fourth quarter and was able to significantly increase profitability in 2020. read more

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Jenoptik successfully places 400 million euro debenture bond

The funds give the technology group room for maneuver for acquisitions and investments in its photonics core business. read more

A pair of Jenoptik's SPECS gantry cameras monitoring M4 in Wales, UK

Average speed cameras from Jenoptik go live on M4 in South Wales

A new average speed camera scheme delivered by leading ANPR camera company Jenoptik Traffic Solutions goes live on the M4 in South Wales on March 15, 2021. read more

Logo of the German Women's Career Index (FKi)

Jenoptik with biggest improvement in the German Women Career Index (FKi)

The Jenoptik Group is driving cultural change with measures for more diversity. Award for biggest improvement in the German Women Career Index (FKi). read more

Laser material processing for rapid prototyping of vehicle tires

Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new technology

The technology enables rapid prototyping of vehicle tires through precise laser material processing. The process replaces the time-consuming manual carving of tires and thus significantly reduces development cycles and prototyping costs in tire development. read more

Perseverance Mars Rover of NASA's Mars 2020 mission

Successful landing on Mars: Perseverance rover is equipped with Jenoptik lens assemblies

Jenoptik is proud of seeing the first images of Mars taken with the engineering cameras and lens assemblies that Jenoptik contributed to the Mars 2020 mission. read more

Jeff Williams

Jenoptik announces the appointment of Jeff Williams as Midwest Business Development Manager for public safety solutions

Jeff Williams joins Jenoptik as Business Development Manager for the Midwest Region of the US. read more

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Jenoptik with outstanding profitability in 2020

According to the preliminary figures, Jenoptik achieved its forecast revenue figures. Despite a challenging market environment, this solid performance was mainly driven by sustained strong demand from the semiconductor equipment industry and the acquisition of TRIOPTICS. read more

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Jenoptik exceeds forecast for adjusted EBITDA margin for 2020

The Executive Board today gained fundamental information that the Group’s adjusted EBITDA margin will probably reach around 17.5 percent, and thus will be significantly above the expected range. read more

Illustration of how the new restaurant shall look like at night

Jenoptik green-lights plans for modern company restaurant in Jena-Göschwitz

It will provide space for both exchange and meetings between Jenoptik employees at the Göschwitz site. read more

Diversity at Jenoptik

Better promotion of women and diversity at Jenoptik

Jenoptik improved significantly in the reassessment by the Women’s Career Index (FKi). A large number of internal measures are showing initial success, but also development potential. The Group signed the Charter of Diversity. read more

Jenoptik's facility in Jupiter, Florida, USA

Jenoptik expands production capacity with new cleanrooms and added testing capabilities

Addition of a new class 5 cleanroom, expanded production area and new equipment to further enhance manufacturing and testing capabilities for the Jupiter, Florida facility. read more

F-Theta lens for 1064 nanometer applications in Jenoptik's Silverline(TM) lens portfolio

Custom F-Theta lens for battery production

Due to the growth of e-mobility, the demand for reliable beam-shaping optics for battery production increases continuously. In cooperation with technology leaders, Jenoptik has implemented these specific requirements in a new F-theta lens for 1064-nanometer applications. read more

F-Theta lens for 532-nanometer applications in Jenoptik’s Silverline(TM) lens portfolio

New F-theta lens for ultrashort pulse electronics production

With the new F-theta lens for 532 nanometers, Jenoptik is releasing another lens for the high-volume laser production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). read more

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Innovation in the Health Care and Life Sciences Markets drives new North American business for Jenoptik’s BioPhotonics Group

New development orders in North America demonstrate Jenoptik’s wide range of precision optical system design capabilities and commitment to advancing medical device innovations. read more

Supervisory Board members waive part of their compensation in 2020

Employee representatives and the Executive Board have jointly decided to to donate an amount of around 60,000 US dollars to Jenoptik US employees. read more

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Jenoptik is improving in terms of sustainability

Several measures in the photonic group lead to positive evaluations by two institutes. read more

Jenoptik UFO Probe(TM) Card with cable

Jenoptik offers novel UFO Probe Card for PIC Wafer Level Testing

The ultra-fast opto-electronic probe card or UFO ProbeTM Card is used for functional testing on semiconductor chips with integrated optical functions, known as photonic integrated circuits (PICs). read more

Medician on work

Jenoptik invests in state-of-the-art E-Beam lithography tool

New double-digit million euro production tool to manufacture future sensor generations for the semiconductor equipment industry. read more

Preview Interim Report Q3

Jenoptik reports improvements in revenue and earnings in third quarter in comparison with prior quarters

“Jenoptik’s order intake stabilized in the third quarter at the prior-year level. In the period from July through September, we also saw an appreciable improvement in the quality of our earnings compared to the prior quarters. This makes us confident for the coming months,” says Stefan Traeger. read more

Don Ehinger, Jenoptik Business Development Manager for Entertainment and Consumer Electronics

Don Ehinger joins Jenoptik Optical Systems to lead Business Development for Entertainment and Consumer Electronics

Mr. Ehinger brings to the company over 30 years of experience in the optics industry. read more

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Jenoptik is now anticipating revenue in a range of 730 to 750 million euros

The adjusted EBITDA margin is expected at the upper end of the range communicated before. read more

Jenoptik becomes main sponsor and partner of the Jena “Imaginata”

The Jenoptik Group is focusing its sponsorship more strongly on science and the promotion of young people in the natural sciences. Jenoptik has agreed a three-year partnership with the Imaginata experimental and science park in Jena. read more

Steve Green, President of Jenoptik Automotive North America

Jenoptik Announces the Appointment of Steve Green as President for Smart Manufacturing Solutions

As President of Jenoptik Automotive North America, Steve Green will be responsible for smart manufacturing solutions. read more

Jenoptik supports the Thalbürgel monastery church

The social commitment of the Jenoptik Group will continue despite the Corona impacts. A donation of 1,000 euros will benefit the Thuringian monastery church in Thalbürgel. read more

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Jenoptik Announces the Appointment of James Roe as West Coast Business Development Manager for Safety and Security Solutions

With the addition of Roe, Jenoptik will continue to grow the market for traditional traffic safety products and services as well as advanced civil security solutions. read more

Laser Cutting of Metals

Jenoptik receives a major order from the automotive industry

The order comprises three complete production cells for cutting and welding body components for electric cars. read more


Jenoptik has successfully completed acquisition of TRIOPTICS GmbH

With the closing on September 24, 2020, JENOPTIK AG has successfully completed the acquisition of the first tranche of 75 percent of the Hamburg-based optics specialist. read more

manager magazin awards Jenoptik as one of the best communicators on the German capital market

Jenoptik again took first place in the SDax in the renowned capital market competition "Investors' Darling". read more

CEO donation for homeschooling equipment

Jenoptik donates 10,000 euros to Jena schools to be used for better homeschooling

Together with the Jena Alliance for Family, the Jena company initiated an appeal for donations for the municipal schools. The donations are to be used to purchase mobile devices that will primarily benefit socially disadvantaged families in learning at home. read more

Preview Interim Report Q2

Jenoptik with sustained good demand from the semiconductor equipment industry and the public sector in first half-year

From January through early March business performance was in line with expectations, but clear impacts of the corona pandemic and increasing uncertainty within the automotive industry became apparent from late March on. read more


Jenoptik accelerates profitable growth with acquisition of TRIOPTICS

TRIOPTICS is a leading high-growth photonics company (revenue of around 80 million euros and operating margin before depreciation of approximately 27 percent in 2019). read more

DLEM laser rangefinder module family

Jenoptik expands military laser rangefinder capabilities in the US

Jenoptik is adding to its laser rangefinder (LRF) product portfolio and increasing its US presence by adding custom engineering and testing capabilities to the Jupiter, Florida facility in 2020. read more

Annual General Meeting: conference room in Weimar, Germany

Executive Board and Supervisory Board of JENOPTIK AG propose to the Annual General Meeting 2020 to pay a dividend of 0.13 euros per share

The highest priority of the Executive Board is to keep the operational business processes running, and to continue to enable strategic investments in the future development of Jenoptik. read more

Power supply units for Patriot missile defense system

Patriot missile defense order

Through its mechatronics VINCORION business, Jenoptik will supply spare parts for the Patriot air and missile defense system’s power supply. read more

Thomas Breen, VP Sales and Marketing, Jenoptik Optical Systems

Tom Breen joins JENOPTIK Optical Systems as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Breen brings over 25 years of leadership experience in the optics and photonics industry. Jenoptik looks forward to working with him on the next stage of growth and development. read more

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Jenoptik supplies generators to a US customer

Through its VINCORION investment, Jenoptik received a long-term order for generators that a US customer is integrating into military vehicles. read more

Preview Interim Report Q1

Jenoptik with positive start in first quarter; positive development of orders and cash flow creates solid basis for future performance over the year, despite corona crisis

Positive development of orders and cash flow creates solid basis for future performance over the year, despite corona crisis read more

Thermography camera VarioCAM® HD

Keeping track of critical temperatures— Jenoptik wins contract to supply infrared cameras

Jenoptik and InfraTec continue their partnership: Their thermographic cameras provide high-precision, non-contact detailed images of heat distributions and measure temperatures, for example for use in fever detection. read more

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JENOPTIK AG with positive outlook for the year: Executive Board confident that current market expectations for 2020 can be met

1st quarter with declines in revenue and earnings, but solid demand and good free cash flow. read more

300th Jenoptik airbag scoring machine goes to China

Jenoptik supplies state-of-the-art laser systems for automotive supplier Xinquan in China

A Chinese automotive supplier has ordered an additional laser-scoring machine for precision airbag perforation, investing in industry leading technology for processing automotive interiors. read more

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Jenoptik receives long-term order for infrared optics

Jenoptik supplies specialized, sophisticated infrared optics to Rheinmetall. read more

Corona updates

Jenoptik Executive Board decides on measures to steer through the Corona crisis as well as possible

In addition to protecting the employees, the primary objective is to secure the operational business and to continue to allow strategic investments. read more


Jenoptik achieves 2019 targets; outlook is subject to review

The Jenoptik Group achieved growth of 2.5 percent in the 2019 fiscal year and exceeded the high level of the prior year despite a difficult market environment. read more

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JENOPTIK AG: Proposal for appropriation of profit and outlook 2020 under review due to SARS-CoV-2 outbreak

Ad-hoc information pursuant to Article 17 MAR read more

Road traffic on a bridge

Jenoptik helps increase road safety and security in North America with new traffic camera systems

Jenoptik has secured traffic safety equipment orders totaling over 21 million US dollars in the US and Canada that help support Vision Zero initiatives. read more

Japan Yokohama

Jenoptik invests in Japan and takes over a long-standing joint venture completely

In future Jenoptik will hold 100 percent of the shares in the Japanese company JENOPTIK Japan Co. read more

Jenoptik Shanghai

More women in management positions at Jenoptik

Jenoptik’s Executive Management Committee has defined a bundle of measures that shall promote the careers of women, more internationality and diversity in the company. read more

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Jenoptik remained on path for growth in 2019

Based on preliminary figures, group revenue grew to around 855 million euros in 2019. Good order intake development in fourth quarter. Growth is to continue in 2020. read more

2020 New Year's reception of Jenoptik

29th New Year’s reception of JENOPTIK AG

At the beginning of the 2020 fiscal year Jenoptik welcomed around 600 guests to its New Year’s reception in Jena. The guests have already donated around 8,200 euros for a project of a German road traffic safety association. read more

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Jenoptik Group strengthens its position as a full-service provider of automated manufacturing solutions with the acquisition of INTEROB

With the takeover Jenoptik opens up additional regional and technological growth potential in the automotive industry. read more

Abstract rotating neon lights on black background

Jenoptik presents new products for laser material processing at SPIE Photonics West 2020

At the 2020 Photonics West trade fair in San Francisco Jenoptik will inform about products and solutions such as F-theta lenses for ultra-short pulses and an innovative alignment concept for beam expanders. read more

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Jenoptik announces the appointment of Mark Enright as Sr. Director of the Silicon Valley Application Center

Industry expert Mark Enright joins the North American management team of Jenoptik. read more

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Jenoptik stops sales process of VINCORION

The Executive Board of JENOPTIK AG has decided today to stop the process of selling the mechatronic business operating under the brand name VINCORION. read more

Cars in motion on a road and light effects in the dark of the night

Jenoptik secures long-term contract in the automotive industry

Jenoptik will supply a laser-optical subsystem for the PM2.5 particle sensor, developed by HELLA, that will now make it possible to reliably and precisely measure minute concentrations of particulate matter inside vehicles and in their immediate environment. read more

Preview Interim Report Q3

Jenoptik posts rise in revenue and EBITDA after nine months

Key drivers were the contributions to revenue from the companies acquired in 2018 and good business with the semiconductor equipment and automation industries. read more

VINCORION - Our new brand for the mechatronic business

Jenoptik receives permission to export power supply units

As anticipated, the power supply units for the "Patriot" air missile defense system will be delivered to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) still this year. read more

Contour measurement technology for Czech Metrology Institute

Jenoptik equips the Czech Metrology Institute with contour measurement technology

Jenoptik supplies the high-precision contour measuring system Waveline W900C to Český Metrologický Institute (CMI) in Brno. read more

Investors Darling 2019

Jenoptik again among the best communicators on the German capital market

First place in the SDax index for Jenoptik at “Investors' Darling” and third place in the overall ranking of the competition in which the financial communication of all 160 German Dax companies is evaluated. read more

Preview Interim Report Q2

Jenoptik grows in the second quarter of 2019

Jenoptik Group revenue was up in second quarter of 2019; order intake in first half-year only slightly down on prior year. Continuing reluctance to invest especially in the automotive industry. read more

Clean Room Diode Lab

Further Jenoptik investments at Berlin Adlershof Technology Park

Jenoptik is again investing in equipment for its state-of-the-art production of semiconductor lasers. read more

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Dr. Stefan Traeger to remain Chairman of the Executive Board of the Jenoptik Group for another five-year term. Supervisory Board gives the go-ahead for starting the VINCORION sales process.

In its extraordinary meeting on July 29, 2019, the Supervisory Board of JENOPTIK AG confirmed CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger in office and approved the start of a structured sales process for the mechatronics division VINCORION. read more

NASA Mars Rover

First images from Mars will be seen through Jenoptik lens assemblies

When NASA launches the Mars 2020 mission the first images back to Earth in February of 2021 will be seen through lens assemblies designed and engineered by Jenoptik. read more

Pulse Compression Grating (PCG)

Stable laser manufacturing processes with fine-adjusted optics from a single source

As core elements of any laser manufacturing system, optics and micro-optics shape laser light in wavelengths from UV to IR. Jenoptik not only provides optical components, but also F-theta lenses matched with diffractive optical elements. read more

Vision-enhanced Laser Tool

Jenoptik demonstrates intelligent plug-and-play systems for laser material processing

Jenoptik will present its quick-integration optical system platforms for manufacturers of laser production systems at the LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fair in Munich. read more

Image of 2019 TEA Thea Awards

Jenoptik recognized at 2019 TEA Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Nemo & Friends SeaRider at Tokyo DisneySea, an immersive 3D ride on which Jenoptik served as key contributors, received a prestigious award for outstanding achievement at the 25th Annual TEA Thea Awards. read more

Preview Interim Report Q1

Rise in first-quarter order figures provides sound basis for further development

In the first three months of 2019, Jenoptik reported good demand in the semiconductor equipment and automotive markets. On a regional level, growth was exclusively achieved outside Europe. read more


Jenoptik at CMEF Spring 2019: Core technologies form the basis of new biophotonic solutions

The global technology group Jenoptik will be presenting JENOPTIK SYIONS, its key digital imaging platform to support the development of advanced devices for biophotonic applications, at China’s International Medical Equipment Fair, CMEF Spring. read more

The Semistation combines mobile and stationary speed monitoring.

Jenoptik receives traffic safety order from the City of Cologne

The City of Cologne orders ten speed camera trailers for semistationary speed control. read more

Prodomax Automation Ltd

Jenoptik gains new automotive orders worth almost 20 million euros

Strong demand for automation solutions continues with further new orders in North America. read more

Jenoptik production facility in Bayeux, France

Jenoptik opens new production facility in France

Near Bayeux in French Normandy Jenoptik has invested in a modern production environment for the approximately 60 industrial metrology employees. read more

Dr. Stefan Traeger (left), Hans-Dieter Schumacher

2018 a new record year for Jenoptik

Jenoptik closed the 2018 fiscal year with record figures in revenue, earnings and free cash flow. Business performance was driven by strong demand from markets and successful acquisitions. read more

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Jenoptik streamlines corporate structures: German legal units of the Division Light & Optics bundled

As part of its Strategy 2022, Jenoptik is merging its business in the Light & Optics division in Germany to form JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH. read more

Medical technology and diagnostics

Jenoptik starts digital imaging project with major life science partner

Jenoptik signs long-term agreement to develop and produce microscopy imaging instrument with leading life science company based on the technology platform JENOPTIK SYIONS. read more

Clean Room Diode Lab

Jenoptik increases capacity and support with new photolithography equipment

Jenoptik is responding to the growing demand for high performance microoptics used in fiber optic communications, semiconductors, biophotonics and defense applications with the installation of new photolithography equipment. read more

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Jenoptik remains on course for growth with record figures

According to provisional calculations, Jenoptik ended the 2018 fiscal year with new record figures. read more

Brand launch at Photonics West 2019

More focus on photonics with new brand, structure and corporate culture

Under the claim “More Light”, Jenoptik positions itself more strongly as an application specialist for photonic technologies. The new brand identity was presented for the first time at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. read more

Fast Focusing Module (FFM)

Jenoptik at SPIE Photonics West: Setting the stage for the future with a new strategic direction and key photonic technologies

At the world’s leading photonics trade fair, Jenoptik will be demonstrating its service spectrum, from single components through to highly complex systems, which are being used to successfully address future challenges in semiconductor manufacturing, biophotonics, and industrial processes. read more

Jenoptik New Year Reception 2019

28th New Year's Reception of JENOPTIK AG

At the start of the 2019 fiscal year, Jenoptik welcomed around 500 guests to this year’s New Year’s reception in Jena. The guests have already donated around 8,000 euros to the Arche in Berlin. read more

Prodomax Automation Ltd

Jenoptik wins two major North American automation orders worth over 12 million euros

Prodomax Automation Ltd., a member of the Jenoptik Group, is very pleased to announce the award of two new orders which together amount to slightly above 12 million euros in North America, underlining a strong order entry start in 2019. read more

Preview Interim Report Q3

Jenoptik remains on course for growth and raises full-year revenue forecast again

All segments contributed to this encouraging performance in the first nine months of 2018. Group revenue rose significantly, demand in our markets remains robust. read more

Golf Charity Event benefits Rainbow Connection

Jenoptik’s first ever golf charity event benefits Rainbow Connection in Michigan

Golf Charity Event raises 10,551 US dollars to fulfill wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. read more

Clean Room Diode Lab

Jenoptik further expands manufacturing capacity

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC adds 8,100 square feet of manufacturing space to the Jupiter, Florida facility with the addition of a new optical assembly building. read more

Flags with Jenoptik Logo

Jenoptik further expands automation manufacturing capacity

Jenoptik Automotive North America LLC adds 40,850 square feet of manufacturing space to increase automation capabilities. read more

Roughness, contour measurement with Waveline W900

Jenoptik to present production metrology innovations at IMTS 2018

At the IMTS 2018 trade fair in Chicago, Jenoptik will be presenting several new industrial metrology advances, showing the latest trends in quality assurance. Visit Jenoptik in East Hall, Booth 135536. read more


NMi type approval for the Netherlands awarded to Jenoptik’s VECTOR P2P system

Jenoptik’s latest average speed enforcement solution, VECTOR P2P, has been awarded NMi approval, allowing it to be operated as a live enforcement system. read more

Preview Interim Report Q2

First half-year 2018: Jenoptik increases revenue and significantly improves earnings; outlook for the full year raised

The development of the group’s business has been very pleasing. All segments contributed to growth in the first half-year. Demand remains buoyant in our key markets. read more

Flags with Jenoptik Logo

Jenoptik completes acquisition of Prodomax Automation Ltd.

With the closing on July 23, 2018 Jenoptik has completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the Canadian company Prodomax Automation Ltd. read more

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC collaborated with Google on microscopy technology to assist pathologists in detecting cancer with deep learning

JENOPTIK demonstrates an Augmented Microscopy Platform for Pathology Applications

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC collaborated with Google on microscopy technology to assist pathologists in detecting cancer with deep learning read more

Preview Interim Report Q1

Jenoptik got off to a good start in 2018

Group revenue grew to 189.9 million euros. The Executive Board confirms 2018 guidance based on current business performance. read more

CFO Hans-Dieter Schumacher and CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger

Jenoptik closes 2017 fiscal year with record figures

Jenoptik closed the 2017 fiscal year with new record figures, particularly in revenue and earnings. On a regional level, growth came from the strategic target regions of the Americas and Asia/Pacific. read more

SPIE Startup Challenge 2018

Photonics entrepreneurs gain Jenoptik support in cash and expertise

Founding Partner Jenoptik once again supported the Startup Challenge pitch competition at Photonics West, hosted by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. read more

Jenoptik More Light

Strategy 2022: Jenoptik will intensify its focus on key competencies in photonics

Jenoptik achieved new record figures in the fiscal year 2017. New group strategy is based on more focus, innovation, and internationalization. read more

Medical technology and diagnostics

SPIE Photonics West 2018: High-performance cell diagnostics with Jenoptik’s miniaturized imaging platform

With “SYIONS”, Jenoptik introduces a digital image capture, processing and analysis platform that can be configured to the customer’s specific needs. read more

California Office and Application Center

Jenoptik establishes application center in Silicon Valley

Jenoptik, an industry leader in high performance optical systems and healthcare & industry solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of a West Coast office to enhance customer proximity and leverage growth in the US. read more