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Systems for the Aviation Industry with Above-Average Service Life

Efficient heating systems and reliable transport systems in the field of aviation ensure the safety and comfort of your passengers.

There is a growing demand in the aviation industry for safe and environmentally friendly commercial aircraft. Jenoptik helps you to improve safety and comfort through increased functionality. The benefits of our products - from individual components to complete subsystems - include lightweight and space-saving designs, maximum energy efficiency and reliability, as well as above-average service life.

The areas of application for our products vary greatly: In commercial aircraft, a wide range of precisely controlled, electrically heated and heating components are used for de-icing, as antifreeze in the onboard water system, and for increased passenger comfort — all while delivering maximum efficiency. Our lift systems are used as a safe and reliable way to transport trolleys between the galley and the flight deck of the Airbus A380. Winches for helicopters are used to rescue people or carry loads, while our radomes protect sensitive radar and sensor systems.

Our maintenance and service plans are precisely tailored to our customers. This ensures above-average availability and product service life — even after several decades. In addition to the 24/7 AOG service for Jenoptik products, we provide individual services for products from other manufacturers.

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