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This is the headline for all our initiatives for a successful, fast-growing and profitable Jenoptik. Based on the three pillars “More Focus”, “More Innovation” and “More International” we will move Jenoptik to the next level. We compiled some prime examples showing the events and projects which contribute to this strategic further development.

Jenoptik will be restructured into three divisions

More Focus

Jenoptik will be restructured into three divisions, all of which have proposed names involving light: “Light & Optics” for the company’s OEM business; “Light & Production” for industrial customer business; and “Light & Safety” for public sector business. Our mechatronics business will be consigned to a separate brand.

We will expand our R&D activities significantly in the coming years

More Innovation

We will expand our R&D activities significantly in the coming years, and not only in financial terms. Our R+D spend is expected to grow from about 8 percent today to approximately 10 percent of revenue by 2022. We intend to enhance our application know-how and expertise by establishing application centers in all major regions. In general, it is important to create better framework conditions for more innovation throughout the entire company. This specifically means more freedom to explore and more competition of ideas as well as the objective to significantly shorten development cycles.

Jenoptik shall become global

More International

Jenoptik shall become global. This starts with an international team spirit and an international management team. We see diversity as the key to success. We intend to expand our business in Asia with a particular focus on China. We will establish or expand local R&D teams and production facilities in all major markets. At least one of our photonic divisions will then be headquartered outside Germany.