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"With an apprenticeship, all doors are open."

Jenoptik offers a wide range of traning opportunities. Dustin Engelke (26) has decided to become an industrial mechanic after studying business administration and is now in his first year of training.

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What did you do before starting your training at Jenoptik?
After graduating from high school, I studied economics at the University of Jena.

Why did you decide to train at Jenoptik?

I really like the working atmosphere at Jenoptik. I did another internship before. And I found everything quite rigid and hierarchically regulated. I didn't have that feeling at Jenoptik. No matter who comes to you, everyone is nice and wishes you only the best.

What were your reasons for starting an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic?

With an apprenticeship you have a lot of possibilities. It is a good foundation. And I can fulfill so many fields of activity. We get a very good broadband education, so we can be useful everywhere. There is a mixture of very detailed, theoretical knowledge that can be put into practice immediately.

How exactly does your apprenticeship take place?
We have two weeks internship at the training center and one week school. After a week of school with a lot of theory, I'm always looking forward to the craftsmanship in the training centre. What we receive in theory can then be put into practice a week later. That is a nice mix.

What subjects do you study at the vocational school?
It is split into learning fields and basic training subjects. Our fields of learning are, for example, technical drawing, materials engineering, mechanical engineering. The basic subjects include English, German, economics, sports and social studies.

Do you enjoy your apprenticeship?
Yes, especially when I see, how a piece of steel is turned into something you can use. That is great.

How do you assess the supervision of the trainees at the Jena apprenticeship centre?

We have one instructor. We are 14 apprentices. And sometimes it's a bit difficult to find the right time. But they try to make evaluations in time and exactly. That's a good thing. We can try a lot here and it's not bad if something doesn't turn out the way it should. I think that's great.

What is important in the profession of industrial mechanic?
Order! Order and the fact that one does not think an industrial mechanic makes "with the axe by the forest". We work very accurately. Maybe you don't think that at first. But that is the finest mechanics.

What skills or interests should you have?
You should have an affinity for metal and machines that can process it. And you should be aware that you can get your fingers dirty. You also should have the desire for trying out.

Would you recommend your apprenticeship to others?
Yes, I think this "threesome" is great. The supervision by the training centre and the school. But we can also contact the company at any time. That works great. And I think we have a big advantage because we are here and not just joining the company. First of all, we can try it out and learn.

What tips do you have for future applicants?
Anyone who wants to gain a good foundation through a cool apprenticeship should definitely do so. Especially at Jenoptik. I think the support from the company side is great. The colleagues are very nice. And it takes you further in every respect, personally and of course in terms of qualifications.

What plans do you have for the time after the apprenticeship?

I intend to do the technician. And I am definitely aiming for the master. But everything little by little. I find it strange that most people think that when you have an education, you are finished. But it goes on and on. For example, if you would like to study part-time, you can do that. All doors are open to you.