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We see the expertise and experience of our employees and their efforts and commitment to the company as key values.

By supporting the best minds in their particular areas of expertise, we are able to ensure the quality of our products and processes, our innovative potential and thus also our ability to create value in the long term.

Attracting qualified personnel

The Jenoptik Group operates in a rapidly changing economic environment. The competition for qualified specialist and executives will continue to intensify. As a result of the international orientation of the company and the continuous growth in our areas, there is increased need for recruitment in all regions. The target groups for recruiting and thus also for personnel marketing are primarily specialists and skilled workers from the fields of natural sciences and engineering as well as experts with a business-management and legal background.

Promoting new talent and personnel development

Promoting the next generation

Specific support for school students, university students and graduates forms part of the Group’s expertise strategy, ensuring early loyalty to the company and thus facilitating the recruitment process.

Jenoptik supports:

  • projects at schools for preparing pupils for their career and offers them the opportunity to complete an internship.
  • young researchers as a longstanding state-level corporate sponsor of the “Jugend forscht” (German youth science competition) initiative.
  • various industry organizations to promote professional development activities.
  • students in the form of degree theses, internships and scholarships.

Jenoptik works together with:

  • selected universities around the world with a view to HR marketing and recruitment, for research purposes and to foster the professional development of its employees.
  • selected universities around the world via projects and sponsorship activities, and is active in a range of committees and networks in an advisory capacity.

Jenoptik showcases itself:

  • at university workshops as part of its event management activities.
  • at university events and career fairs.
  • using a range of university media with print advertisements and PR.
  • by being active in various social media channels

Cooperation with training centers

At the Wedel, Villingen-Schwenningen, Jena and Triptis locations, young recruits learn optical, precision engineering, electronic and business occupations at training centers. As one part of their courses, these centers teach trainees basic practical knowledge and skills. Alongside Zeiss and Schott, Jenoptik is a partner of Jenaer Bildungszentrum gGmbH. Over and above their standard training, the trainees and career academy students here receive external supplementary training courses and language teaching.

Structured HR development

Jenoptik supports the long-term development of skilled workers and managers in the company. Key to this are regular employee appraisals to determine the need for staff to gain further qualifications for their present and future work. With personalized training and group-wide development programs, we lastingly motivate our employees and support their professional development in line with their interests and potential.

Balancing work and family life

KiTa Saale-Knirpse

Day care:

Parental leave, flextime and part-time work all make it easier for Jenoptik’s employees to strike their own balance between family and working life. One of the most important preconditions for balancing career and family is the availability of childcare. For several years, Jenoptik has been investing in day care centers at the Jena, Wedel and Monheim locations, as well as flexible childcare models. This means that our employees are assured a fixed number of places at the day care centers.

Summer camp for Jenoptik children:

Jenoptik has been holding vacation camps for its employees’ children since 2014. Children aged between seven and eleven can have fun on a range of activities at the “Tuscany vacation camp” – in Thuringia. In 2016, 20 children from refugee families also took part for the first time.

Health protection

Responsibility for first aid

The protection of health andsafety are firmly anchored in every Jenoptik operational process.

In the interests of the health and performance of our employees, the Group offers regular examinations by company doctors and holds "health days" for its employees.

The number of accidents at work wasreduced to a ratio of 10.73 per 1,000 employee in 2017. In comparison with members of the ETEM (German employer's liability insurance association for the energy, textile and electronics sectors), Jenoptik is significantly below the 18.2 average. Around ten percent of employees at all German sites have a first aid qualification. All employees are instructed in occupational health and safety at least once every year.